We are all stressed as we work at our computer desks. We wish we were able to move a little more to feel better physically and mentally. As we continue in our desk successes we also continue on damaging our posture. We need to be prepared for work daily, but is our body ready? You are now able to do yoga from the comfort of your desk. You need to take care of yourself in order to take care of your loved ones. Whether it is buying an app, a CD, watching a video, or listening to a podcast you are now able to take some time for yourself.

But I can’t do yoga at work, with all my judgy coworkers looking on you’re thinking. Not so fast: these classes help you make room for subtle stretches that can be done at your desk, or wherever you get your 9-5 in. What’s more, doing yoga in a space you probably don’t associate with the practice can have added benefits. The beautiful thing about yoga is that, not only does it provide some great benefits for your health, according to Harvard Health, it’s also amazing for relieving stress and promoting mental clarity.

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