Use The Negative for Positive Results!

 Did you know?

Your muscles are much stronger when they work while being lengthened. This is called an Eccentric contraction. Your body uses Eccentric contractions when you bend, lower something you have lifted, or put the brakes on when you are in motion. Eccentrics are more commonly called negative work because with conventional resistance training, it occurs when you lower the weight.

Because we are so much stronger during an Eccentric contraction, conventional strength training methods fall short of optimal effectiveness. Your workout should include smart reps, which deliver just enough Eccentric muscle activation to unlock particularly powerful exercise benefits. This is a breakthrough, as traditionally it has been impractical for the average person working out to safely experience Eccentric overload.

The most notable results, the Eccentric training stimulates include:

  • Profound strength gains
  • Health-promoting hormonal effects
  • Muscle fitness/density
  • Osteogenesis (bone building)
  • Tension release
  • Increase
  • Stronger tendons



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