January 1, 1983 was the birth of a revolution that would forever change how we do, literally, everything!  From staying in touch across the miles with our family and friends to how we market and conduct business on a daily basis.

Never in our history as a country has anything so revolutionized how we communicate and, inevitably, earn a living. In the beginning there were only 130 websites….imagine?  Today, we have 1.13 Billion websites and growing daily.   The average number of new websites is 252,000 daily (Siteefy).

The beginning of the evolution of the network came between 1986 and 1989….what happened then?  Well, the usage of the network grew from 2000 people to 30,000 people.  People had started messaging one another across the miles. However, there still existed a huge problem….the whole process to connect to the network…dialing in and waiting.  There was another problem as well, how to safely share information.  Up to this point there were no rules about what you could share let alone the consequences of your information falling into the wrong hands.

The whole process needed to be made “simple, stupid” so that more people could use it and access the knowledge that could be stored there.  In 1989, the true evolution of the internet into the Worldwide Web was developed by an employee of CERN.  CERN, the international particle-research laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, had a brilliant employee named Berners-Lee who proposed a new way of structuring and linking all the information available on CERN’s computer network.  The objective was to achieve an easier and quicker way to access the web. His concept for a “web of information” would ultimately become the World Wide Web.

With the launch of the Moasic browser in 1993, the web opened its’ doors to the general populace and people who were not tech savvy discovered the many wonders of browsing and communicating via the internet.  By 1996, the number of websites grew to over 100,000 sites.

Today, to be without access to the internet via a desktop, laptop or your phone is a catastrophe of major proportions.  We not only use it daily for communication, but to conduct business globally…not to mention the numerous entertainment options available to occupy our time.

Whether it is across the globe or just down the street in our own community we use the internet and numerous websites | apps daily.  Conducting business without these tools ….well, while we have done it in the past…..can you imagine being without it now?  I certainly wouldn’t have the business I run if there wasn’t a need for businesses to “be found” online.

One of my favorite programs is Canva.  It makes designing both posts and videos a much smoother and less time-consuming process.  Do you have a favorite program or app that helps you streamline your business?


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