TED Talks have become very popular over the last 9 years. You do not have to attend to gain powerful speeches by professionals or passionate people. Being able to see the talk videos online has become easier TED Talks are very uplifting, thoughtful, eye opening and inspirational. Instead of watching a reality show on TV you can gain knowledge and be uplifted by the following 13 TED Talks.

A TEDx event isn’t exactly like a TED Talk as the ‘x’ in it stands for independent organizers. However, it serves the same purpose and boasts TED’s mission of “ideas worth spreading.” Since the inception of TEDx Talks in Pakistan in 2009, around 240 such events have taken place and quite a few are in the pipeline. Today we look back at some of these TEDx events that are worth a listen: The first TEDx event in Pakistan was organized on 25th July 2009. The first event’s speakers included Babar Ahmed, who is an entrepreneur, engineer, game designer and producer, a joint degree student of Harvard Kennedy School and Stanford Graduate School of Business; Mubarik Imam and the music group of Zeb and Haniya. This is one of the highest rated events with speakers such as Dr.

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