How to pick the perfect Rosé for your summer pool party…

Rosé is a wine with surprising nuance that encompasses impressive traditions in some of Europe’s great appellations. However, it’s not so complex that it’s intimidating to learn the basics. Rosé is the fastest-growing category in America, as consumption grew roughly 50% in 2017. Consequently, you’ll likely see more choices on shelves as summer nears. “Wine Enthusiast”

Rosés will be flying into the shop now through the beginning of summer. The most popular regions for Rosé are France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and California. Rosé can be derived through minimum skin contact from all types of varietals such as Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, Pinot Munier, Grenache, Cabernet Franc, and more.

Let these COLOR tips help you shop the shelf next time you are in The Wine Cellar

  1. Light Rosé are considered to be more versatile, lighter, and brighter with a touch more minerality. Notes of mint, grapefruit, and strawberry
  2. Light-Medium Rosé are floral with nice, herbal notes. Perfect for more rustic summer dishes with notes of cherry, rose petals, and herbs
  3. Medium-Full Rosé venture into more of a red lovers Rosé. These are the glasses savored by the pool in the late evening with the perfect summer salad and chicken. Floral and juicy with notes of raspberry, hibiscus, and white pepper
  4. Full-Rich Rosé have a deeply, rich flavor and a full mouth feel. These are the Rosé with legs on the glass. Often the heavier hitting bold varietals, these stand up to your brick-fired pizzas for summer. Add a little spice to your life with notes of dark berry jam, bell pepper, and black pepper.

Of course, any time you come by and see us at The Wine Cellar, we can help you pick your perfect Rosé! What is your current favorite Rosé?


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