Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

We may love all the Halloween fun, but our pets not so much. Here’s a great article I found about keeping your pets safe on Halloween. https://blog.pawtree.com/top-halloween-safety-tips-for-panicky-pets/...
Raw vs. Kibble

Raw vs. Kibble

There have been over 140 pet food recalls in the last few years. In response to the recent concerns behind the recalls,  many pet owners are turing to raw or homemade diets.According to Tuft University’s Veterinary Medical Center, these raw and homemade recipes...

So You Want A Dog?

Many people choose a dog because it’s cute and then run into problems because it’s personality conflicts with the needs of the adoptive family.  That’s where a little soul searching is necessary. First you need to decide what traits your dog will...

CBD Oil and Pets

CBD Oil use is gaining in popularity for human consumption and by extension for pets. Think twice before buying homemade pet treats with CBD oil. Did you know that CBD oil has not been tested on animals and that it is not approved for use in treats? How do you know...

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