Many struggle with body issues, being overweight has caused many low self esteem issues. There are before and after pictures of many who claim they lost the weight doing something specifically. When these people change their body image and feel confident they become a type of “cheerleader” to others struggling. Sharing tips and tricks are making many much money. Not only are products expensive, but marketing these products which might or might not work with a strict regimen are also costly. Nonetheless these products have changed many lives when they are determined as shown below.

Anna Orso is a member of the Modern Life team covering culture, trends, and the way we live. She’s a Fishtown resident, a Penn State grad, and a native of York, Pa. Alyssandra Docherty can tell you everything you need to know about Shakeology: how the protein shake curbs cravings, how the vegan or whey protein lines taste…




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