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And a great time was had by all TN Valley Business Network held their Roaring
20’s Biz Bash-after-hours, networking, business showcase Thur Feb 23rd. Marianne
Cook Windham Joe Copp Straight To Ale Brands Chamber of Commerce of
Huntsville/Madison County Madison Chamber of Commerce MCC Edible Arrangements
#759 Huntsville, Al Bravo Cucina Italiana Huntsville Piper and Leaf x Huntsville
Jimmy John’s Craig Cheek Chantaine Rhoe-Bulluck Claire Sharp Andrea L. Shetley
Manuel And-Maryann EstradaVon Braun Center Desirea Stewart Joni Miles Grounds
Chris Grounds Mike Jackson Twickenham Jazz and Swing Randy Taylor Anita Pace
Kirkman Steven Levy Connie Earp Greg Ledford Jennifer Middleton Rich Ortiz Kevin
E. Fernandez Jennie Johnson


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