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I’m not one of those dietitians or personal trainers that has never had to lose a pound of fat nor had any chronic disease. After my struggle with autoimmune thyroid disease, I had 40 pounds of very resistant weight to take off. I understand being frustrated with a slow metabolism, hormone imbalances, insulin resistance and chronic disease. I found myself knowing “what I should be doing to lose weight,” but not getting results and not being able to force myself to do it.

I knew there had to be a better way to lose weight. I became obsessed searching for the answers. It led me to research in nutrition, exercise science, hormones, neuroscience, behavior change psychology, and habit formation. Through all this study and my own personal weight loss journey, I’ve developed a unique habit-based approach to losing weight and getting healthy–all without dieting.

I’ve since helped hundreds of people by teaching them to work with their own bodies, lifestyles, and preferences to develop a personalized habit plan for weight loss. I am the expert on nutrition, but you’re the expert on you. We work together as a team to develop the unique habits of food, activity, and health that you need to get to your ideal weight and health. My clients find it invaluable to have an experienced, non-judgemental coach to guide them, support them, and provide accountability while on their weight loss journey.

“Weight loss has stopped being about just fitting in your favorite jeans, and is now about having the health and the habits you need to take care of yourself and your family.
I get that finding time and energy for your own health is a challenge–I’m a mom of four kids. We all need weight loss solutions that work for “real women” with children, jobs, pets, PTA, church responsibilities, kids’ soccer practices, dance rehearsals, health limitations, and time crunches.

But, losing weight and building habits isn’t impossible, and it doesn’t need to take over your life. With some strategic new habits and some shifts in your mindset, you can create the healthy weight, family, and lifestyle that you have always wanted.

Stop wasting your time and energy dieting, and do what works to lose weight instead. 

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