Several people have asked me about this Tea! I believe ALL women EVERYWHERE should have this in their cabinets! Blended for mood stability and stress relief, this tea is also useful when doing a cleansing or having throat discomfort from seasonal yuck. Ingredients:...
Tea may help with weight loss

Tea may help with weight loss

Metabolism, Obesity and Body Composition:Several studies suggest drinking calorie-free tea may help with weight management. Preliminary research suggest that tea flavonoids help elevate metabolic rate, increase fat oxidation and improve insulin activity. Tea catechin...
HSA AND FSA (Saving  Accounts)

HSA AND FSA (Saving Accounts)

  Employers are able to help in many ways and with multiple benefits. Now employers can help with taxes (tax -free dollars). Health spending accounts and Flexible spending accounts are available for you! GenConnect Recruiting & Consulting, Inc...

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