SuperSlow Zone

1101 McMurtrie Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35806, United States
1101 McMurtrie Drive Northwest Huntsville Alabama 35806 US

High-Intensity, Personal Strength Training

SuperSlow Zone® Huntsville is a unique, professional service strength training facility, owned by Mike and Joyce Trent, and Randy Nelson. We serve clients from ages 12 – 90 who desire sustainable results by working with an Accredited, Certified Instructor using a high-intensity, low-force strength training protocol.

It’s quick, effective, and based on science with a distinctive 29 year history. Your Instructor personalizes your session to ensure you have a complete, safe, total body workout every time. It is ideal and beneficial for all ages and abilities, including general exercisers, clients with minor to major medical challenges, clients looking to lose fat, and even body builders.

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