Royal Rose Diner and Seafood House

Royal Rose is an eclectic diner with one of the largest menus in the entire Tennessee Valley. This is the place to go when your spouse or significant other cant decide on a place to eat or can’t decide what they hungry for. Royal Rose exhibits a passion in their food with a conspicuous variety that is both palpable and reminiscent of home cooked dishes. The chef concentrates on a scratch methodology that surprises the pallet with a discernable taste that is unique and delicious. If you long for seafood and haven’t tried their Shrimp dishes then go there tonight!  The Royal Rose finishes off the menu with a variety of deserts that rival most bakeries. This restaurant is highly recommended with a five-star rating.

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royal rose diner

Newest restaurant review. Royal Rose Diner’s menu is huge, offering something for everyone, prepare by their in house chef.


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