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If you have been to New Orleans, one of the primary staples are the beignets and chicory coffee. In Huntsville Alabama you can now try out these delicacies at the Beignet Café. If you are not familiar with beignets they are reminiscent of a funnel cakes from the carnivals. Crisp dough outsides are covered with powdered sugar, that hide a semi chewy inside that melts in your mouth as you eat them.

Beignet Café also has variety of other New Orleans cuisine that is synonymous with New Orleans. Coming from Slidell Louisiana I have to go home for a food fix on a regular basis and after eating at Beignet Café, I was pleasantly surprised at the similarities to native Louisiana food.

The poor boys were exceptional with traditional southern items served fully dressed on a French style hero sandwich bun. The shrimp and grits were a remarkable combination with Fat shrimp and buttery grits which was complimented with flavorful seasonings and portions that could satisfy the hunger of the most demanding individuals.

The menu is extensive and Beignet Café has added some special items that are available only on request so make sure that you talk with the staff before you order.

Overall the Beignet Café was a relaxed and enjoyable experience that served great southern food without breaking the bank. They have two locations that are located in Madison and on the north east side of Huntsville.

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