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Trigger Sprayer

July 9 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Mini Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) for use in plastic spray bottles.  Knida’s trigger sprayers are including standard trigger sprayers, garden trigger sprayers, chemical trigger sprayer, foaming trigger sprayers and mini trigger sprayers.  With customize color and dip tube length, they are ideally for use in window cleaners, furniture care, household cleaners, garden products, bathroom and automotive products.

Features:(1) Good design, prevent liquid leakage(2) Control spray liquid’s volume, with good spray effects(3) Easy to use, economic and durable, with locking switch (4) With auto vent hole to keep the bottle always round

Fine Mist Sprayer is perfect to dispense  hair spray, sunblock, air freshener, and other liquid beauty products.  Knida’s fine mist sprayers  have an industry standard neck finish such as  18/410,  18/415,  20/410,  20/415, 22/410, 22/415, 24/410,24/415, 28/410. They are often made of PP plastic , come with many surface finishes including ribbed and smooth. A aluminum/metal over-shell can also be applied in our mist spray pump to further enhance the shelf appeal of the package. To protects the actuator from dust and prevents an accidental actuation, there is a dust cap serves as dust cover and safety cap

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