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Reasonable Adjustment Of Pet Bottle Preform To Extend Service Life

October 8 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Inspection molding equipment
The standard configuration of the robot is usually installed in the molding equipment template. When the equipment is running fast, vibration from the forming equipment may be transmitted to the robot and may cause damage. Simply observe the operation of the molding equipment, ensure that the movement of the Pet Bottle Preform mold is adjusted to a reasonable state, reduce the number of vibrations or vibrations, and extend the life of the robot.
At high speeds, the vibration frequency can be very high and is preferably mounted in the robot independently of the support structure of the forming equipment.
Pay attention to the distribution of wear
When the surface of the mechanical watch is inspected, if black particles or powder are found, it indicates that the hand circuit wiring of the mechanical watch shows signs of wear. However, even if you can’t find these wear signals, double check all power transformers or encoder cables, routing paths on both sides, because the continuous wire friction of the robot during the production cycle, or the cable connected to the rails will eventually wear out and Invalid. Ensure the safety of wiring and cables, as well as the proper installation of the cables.
Check lubrication
The robot is equipped with a spring loaded lubricant and will only be replaced once a year unless there is evidence that the rail is not sufficiently lubricated. The automatic lubrication system can be configured to run continuously for lubrication. However, if there are some surfaces and the robot does not move properly inside, it is necessary to manually lubricate these areas or to lubricate the normal program control actions for automatic system lubrication.
If you notice any movement on the surface that is rusting, corroding or fraying, or just too dry, they are not lubricated. Please refer to the manual for proper lubrication of metal parts. The assembled beam-conventional gear system is lubricated by the lube storage unit but needs to be replaced every year.
The starting point of the vacuum circuit
The vacuum should be close to instantaneous formation and the appropriate controller input should be equivalent to grabbing the product. If you find an open vacuum and then an input source with a delay of more than 2 seconds, then it indicates that there is a vacuum tube leaking, defective or faulty switching device. The main control panel is easy to test. If the robot is equipped with a digital vacuum switch unit, you need to quickly and automatically fine-tune the minimum threshold required to vacuum the product. This process can be done in the robot’s automatic mode of operation. The setup parameters for each production cycle are stored in memory, which saves time in the next production change.
The digital vacuum switchgear has two advantages: grabbing the threshold signal electronic filter to compensate for the rapid movement of the vacuum chuck to product vibration. The product release threshold is different from the capture threshold and can be programmed to ensure proper release under rapid production cycle conditions.
Choosing Jilian Plastics, we are your trustworthy pet preform manufacturers, effectively shortening your product production cycle and making you more profitable.


October 8
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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