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How To Promote and Sell Your Art: The Most Important Lessons Art School Didn’t Teach You with Dustin Timbrook

September 27 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm



Workshop Description:
Have you mastered your creative medium but failed to find a following? Did art school teach you how to make everything except for sales?
There is an audience for your work but it’s up to you to build it. 
In this four-part workshop, Huntsville artist (and guy who keeps popping up in your newsfeed) Dustin Timbrook will teach the necessary tools to get your work noticed, build an engaged social media following, and that holiest of grails, SELL YOUR ART. 
Week 1) Getting Your Art Noticed: 
The key to getting people to see, enjoy, and buy your artwork is to put it on social media, right?
Having a social media presence is useless if you don’t make real connections in your community to make people take notice of your work. 
In this first class of a four-part workshop, we will discuss how to connect with real people through community networks and local news to create and grow your audience. 
Week 2) Slaying Social Media:
Social media is the best way to keep your audience continuously connected with your artwork, but without proper knowledge of how to engage with the different social media platforms you can easily do more harm than good to your creative career. 
In this second class of a four-part workshop, we will discuss the right and wrong ways to use social media to promote your art. From choosing what platforms to use to knowing how to take better photos with your phone, we’ll tackle the pleasures and pitfalls of promoting your work online.
Week 3) Selling Your Art Without Selling Your Sanity:
A fundamental aspect of making it as an artist is simply knowing how to price and sell your work. Whether pricing too high to sell, so low that your workload kills you, or being too intimidated to confidently discuss price, selling art is often the most difficult part of having a creative career. 
In this third class of a four-part workshop, we will quickly cover a concrete, common sense approach to pricing your work before moving on to the nuances and challenges of making actual sales. 
Week 4) Putting It All Together:
We’ve learned how to get our artwork noticed by our community, how to keep our community continuously engaged with our work through social media, and how to sell art to our community. What’s next?
In this fourth class of a four-part workshop, we will recap the previous weeks’ lessons before making individual action plans for applying those lessons to our future work. This final class is only recommended for those who have attended previous lessons. 
Student materials:
Mobile device for using social media. Pens for taking notes.
About the instructor:
Dustin Timbrook has a decade-long history of generating local, national, and international news coverage for his artwork and the causes he cares about. A Lowe Mill artist from the earliest days of the creative community’s public launch, Dustin’s hard-earned knowledge of social media strategy and news cycles has been instrumental in promoting the work of Huntsville artists into the public spotlight. Learn more about his career from his TEDx talk: https://youtu.be/DLhRFcUehm4

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