Lifestyle Health & Wellness Center

3740 Hwy 53 Suite Z huntsville
3740 Alabama 53 Huntsville Alabama 35806 US

Services Offered:

• The Vibe –Need to get to the gym but just don’t have the time today? Do have 10 minutes? If so we can help!  The Body Vibe is just the answer for your hectic lifestyle instead of the 1 hr and 15 minute jog or run you get the same result with The Body Vibe! Yes in 10 minutes, no appointment necessary.

Colon Hydrotherapy- Are you a Toxin Waste Site?? Do you suffer with allergies, headaches, constipation, pot belly, etc. Stop by for more information. Healthy Colon-Healthy Life!

• Body Wraps- Start now preparing yourself for the season. With the Holidays right around the corner, come by to experience a variety of body wrap treatments that will assist in making you look and feel like a million bucks!

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